Business, technology and aviation writer

From 2000 to 2003, I was a freelance journalist. US magazine clients include Wired, Popular Science, The Robb Report, Air and Space Smithsonian and Business 2.0. UK magazine clients include Real Business, Director, Employee Benefits, CBI Business Voice, New Business, PLC Director and PC Pilot.

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Review of the Wally Power 118 superyacht. Article about McLaren’s new factory. From Pong to the Internet– a graphical feature on the secret history of computer games.

Robb Report

Reviews of the Ariel Atom, Eclipse 500, Cirrus SR-22G2, business jet alternatives to Concorde, DA-42 Twinstar, the Agusta 109 Power Elite helicopter, Boeing Business Jet 2 and Piaggio P180 Avanti.

Institute of Directors

Zero-G, Company profile of Lionhead Studios; survey of the British space industry, travel and advice articles.

Popular Science

High altitude airships, the Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer, Aircraft Cockpits, ejection seats and a review of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.

Air & Space

Review of Mars Rover toy, Home Grown Simulators – a feature about flight sim fanatics and a book reviews of Project Orion, Aerospace Design and other books for Air and Space magazine.

(Nearly) complete list of articles

Travel and leisure

  • Medium-haul exotic holidays (Director / AfterHours)
  • Activity holidays (Director)
  • A Far Cry From Disneyland (Director)
  • Secret web addresses (Director)
  • Luxury weekends (Director)
  • Real First Class: A guide to business travel (Real Business)Business Travel feature (Real Business)
  • Chef’s Tables (Director)


  • Infosecurity in the military sector (Infosecurity Today)
  • The British Space Industry (Director)
  • From Pong to the Internet (Wired)
  • Sea Monster – Wally Power 118 (Wired)
  • New McLaren factory (Wired)
  • Ariel Atom (Robb Report)
  • New communications technology (Director)
  • Future Labs (CBI’s Business Voice magazine)
  • Information Security in the Energy Sector (Infosecurity Today)
  • 10 Technologies to Watch (Real Business)
  • Willing Slaves? (Mobile Enterprise)
  • Google Profile (Director)
  • Security advice (Director)
  • Six gadgets for mobile working (MBA Magazine)
  • New aircraft carriers (Popular Science)
  • London Crawling (Wired magazine)
  • Renault Ellypse review for Popular Science
  • 1.5GB MP3 players review (Wired)
  • Test Flight monthly gadget column (Real Business)
  • Sound servers (Wired)
  • Game On Exhibition review (Wired)
  • Linn Classik DVD Player (Business 2.0)
  • Morgan’s new Aero 8 (Business 2.0)
  • Handpring Treo (Business 2.0)
  • BMW MINI (Business 2.0)
  • Skydoc at 30,000 Feet (Wired)
  • PDAs (Real Business)
  • Smartphones (Real Business)
  • Gadgets for road warriors
  • Desktop Videoconferencing
  • Wireless Networking
  • Toshiba Portégé, AutoRoute 2001 and Vindigo
  • Laplink 2000 and Palm Pilot Keyboard
  • PDA Reviews (Palm Pilot etc.)
  • PDA Reviews (Psion 5MX and HP Jornada)
  • Review of Voice Recognition Software for PCs
  • Review of E-Beam and U-are-U


  • Executive Flexible Benefits (Employee Benefits)
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems (Infosecurity Today)
  • Six new technologies (Real Finance)
  • Website makeover (New Business under the nom de plume Matthew James)
  • Voluntary Benefits Buyers Guide (Employee Benefits)
  • Share-based payments (Employee Benefits)
  • Company profile of the Royal Shakespeare Company (Director)
  • Flexible benefit schemes – a buyer’s guide (Employee Benefits)
  • Playing by the Rules (Lionhead Studios) (Director)
  • International payroll systems (Pay and Reward)
  • Three pieces for company car supplement (Real Finance)
  • Choosing advisors for flexible benefit schemes (Employee Benefits)
  • Add Muscle to your network and Are you under attack? (Real Business)
  • Hardware Upgrades (Real Business)
  • Virtual Companies (Mobile Enterprise)
  • Building a business case for share schemes (Employee Benefits)
  • Recruiting in an international market (Employee Benefits)
  • A-Z of the Perfect Office (Real Business)
  • Interview with Chris Bishop (Microsoft’s FYI Magazine)
  • 48 Ways to Communicate (Real Business)
  • A-Z of the Perfect Office 2003 (Real Business)
  • 7 IT Upgrades (Real Finance)
  • Retail Technology (New Business under the nom de plume Matthew James)
  • Upgrade your office technology (New Business under the nom de plume Matthew James)
  • Outsourcing (Real Business)
  • Britain Goes Broadband (Real Business)
  • Smart Upgrades (Real Business)
  • How to be the greatest employer ever (Real Business)
  • Real Business Guide: Your Bank Manager (Real Business)
  • Corporate manslaughter (Employee Benefits)
  • Consider your options (Director)
  • Who controls company cars (Employee Benefits)
  • Employee Benefits in the USA (Employee Benefits)
  • Employee Benefits in Sweden (Employee Benefits)
  • Company Profile of Morgan (Real Business)
  • Preparation prevents poor performance – CRM and Business Planning Software (New Business)
  • R&D Tax Credits (Real Business)
  • Non-executive Directors (Real Business)
  • John Lewis and (Director)
  • How to motivate your staff (without paying them more) (Real Business)
  • Great customer Service and how the best companies do it (Published in Real Business in July 2001) NB The published version is a revision of the above text – I rewrote it as a ‘how-to’.
  • Google Profile (Director)
  • Business Travel (Real Business)
  • A-Z of the Perfect Office (Real Business)
  • Hostile Takeovers and how to defend against them (PLC Director)
  • Small Business and the Internet Design Council Roundtable (Real Business)
  • Schmoozing for England (Real Business)
  • The Mothers of Invention – Ideo company profile (Director Magazine)
  • Internet Web Consulting for SMEs (Real Business May 2001)
  • Websites for Small and Medium Businesses (Real Business February 2000)
  • Business continuity and risk management (Real Business)
  • Everybody Hates Us: Britain’s Best Railway (Real Business)
  • The New Old Economy – Willett International (Real Business)
  • The New Economy – Uncut (Real Business)
  • The Future of Money (Real Business)
  • How Miss World Opened my Kimono
  • Working Websites