I have a degree in modern history from Pembroke College, Oxford. History - mainly military and art history - continues to be a hobby and I have given several lectures on the history of computer games. This is a transcript of a speech I gave on the history of computer games at the Game Developers Conference Europe in the summer of 2001.

History of Computer Games

I want to see where today’s genres came from and to look for anything that can help us make better games today.

To get ready, I replayed all the games and tried to find out how they were made. They’re all available free on the Internet: just follow the links on the following pages.

Although I’ve tried to use my historical training and my practical experience as a journalist, the list and the treatment are still highly subjective.  This is because all the games have influenced me personally at different times in my life.  To this extent, it is also a brief history of Matthew Stibbe.